Wendelin Andler

Chief Solutions - Director

Wendelin is passionate about electronics and the automation of tasks. Within every project that Wendelin works, he always tries to find a way to work smart, improving efficiency and increasing productivity for you and your business. Wendelin started Antu Technologies Ltd. as a freelance service helping to create solutions for small businesses.

In addition to electronics and software, Wendelin loves buses and bikes, he created a small business fixing and selling bikes when he was just a teenager; and owned a bus for public transport before even going to the university.

At Antu Technologies we are happy to work hard but more important, we are proud that we also work smart. Wendelin is very flexible and supportive, so you can always contact him or the team at any time and in any way.

Our solutions are simple; It includes Software and Hardware.

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Wendelin can help with:

  • Electronics Design: Sch/PCB Design.
  • IoT App: From Sensors to the Cloud.
  • Web Design: For you and your business.
  • Mobile App: Android and IOS.
  • Worksheets: Excell, Googlesheet for Small Business.
  • Technical Writing: Reports, Manuals, Datasheets.
  • Translation: We also speak Spanish and Russian.

You also can contact us if you need help with technical documentation or testing your electronic design.

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Hello, thank you for taking the time to visit our Portfolio, here you can see examples of our work.
We specialize in projects for small businesses;
It includes Website, App Android and IOS, Electronics Design, Mobile IoT App and Technical Translations.

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  • Mobile App
  • Electronics Design
  • Web Design


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Electronics Design









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Electronics Design

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