Cloud based simple timesheet

we do it awesome simple!!

Check in - Check out.

Mobile App

Keep your business in your customers’ hands.

Smartphones are a central part of our dairy lives and a Mobile App is no just about being in touch, it is about gaining an advantage over the competition.

Your Loyalty App can be 100% personalized at your requeriments!

Internet of things – IoT

We create and invent solutions for you and your business.
With demostrated experience moving “ideas” wrote in a “servilette” to release products used for customers.
Contact us if you a need a monitoring remote data system for your farm, vineyard, home or office, or maybe you have a project in mind but you don’t know where to start. We have extensive experience in electronic design PCB, enbedded electronic solutions including: GPS, RFID, NFC, Xbee, microcontroller, Bluetooth, mobile App IOS and Android.

Data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI)

is a new door for business to make data-informed decisions.